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As an experienced rags supplier, we are devoted to delivering flexible bulk rags solutions for your business.

Whether it’s buying by kilo weight or 20ft/40ft container, we’ve got your back.

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Bulk Rags in Boxes

We supply box of rags, box of cotton rags, box of mixed rags and more, packing your order in boxes based on the weight & quantity you need.
25kg bale

Bulk Rags in Kilos

Order bulk bales of rags in kilograms, and enjoy the flexibility to pack them in bales from 5kg to 100kg according to your industrial & shipping needs.
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Bulk Rags in lbs

1lb is about 0.45kg. If you are not sure about the order quantity, please feel free to order bulk rags in lbs. We offer packaging service by lb too.
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Bulk Rags in Container

Based on the common consumption rate of wipe rags, we highly recommend buying bulk rags by container, 20ft and 40ft available.

Multiple Choices in Rags Materials and Cutting

Rags from Hissenrags contain 80%-100% cotton to ensure quality and absorbency.

25kg weight

Bulk Mixed Rags

A budget-friendly choice, bulk mixed rags contain cloth of all colors and many different materials, but we ensures at least 80% cotton.

Bulk White Rags

With better water & oil absorbency and work better as cleaning indicator, bulk white rags is a popular choice among many industries.

Stripped / Cut Rags

Cut rags are easier to use and can go into duty without further processing, alleviating time and leveling business efficiency.

Bulk Uncut Rags

Uncut rags are cheaper and might acquire further processing after unboxing. You will need a cutting machine to do that.

Bulk Flannel Rags

Bulk flannel rags contain flannel cloth and clothings. We supply bulk rags of different materials to fit exactly your unique industrial needs.

How to Order Bulk Rags from HissenRags

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Tell Us Your Need

Feel free to talk to us about your industry, what you need, what you might want the rags to do and your budget range, we are happy to help you find the best solution.

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Evaluation & Recommendation

We offer flexible combinations and solutions to solve problems. Based on your real need, we will give concrete  solution on materials, quantity, packaging, and sometimes even shipping and custom.

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Rags Types & Quantity Confirmed

You will be the one to press the button and confirm before anything gets kicked start.

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Professional Sorting & Cutting

According to your order, our team sort the products carefully in our in-house warehouse-factory, cutting the product if needed.

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Precise Packaging & Logo Printing

We check to ensure the packagings are safe & tight and that the weight is precise. Logo printing service is available too.

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Fast Shipping & Delivering

Your order will be delivered to your hands real soon!


FAQ on Bulk Buying Wipe Rags

It depends on whether the order is for cut or uncut rags, and basically it starts heavier for uncut rags. We can adjust the bale weight according to your request.

About 24-25 tons.

With our rich inventory, the production duration will normally be within 5-7 days.

Sure! As long as it helps you unload the container in an easier way, we are happy to help.

Yes, we do basic cleaning.

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Your Cleaning Rags Experts are Here to Help

Thirteen years of successful order fulfillment and hundreds of satisfied clients can never be wrong. We’re industry veterans that understand what the market needs and supply cleaning rags that meet your expectations. Make Hissenrags your preferred cleaning rag supplier today.


The versatility of our wholesale industrial rags allows for various industry applications.


Knowing what your market wants in cleaning rags ensures we provide tailor-fit solutions.

Cleaning Wiper

High absorbency and lint-free industrial rags make excellent cleaning tools for the manufacturing industry.


Modify your wholesale cleaning rag order to fit your budget and market demands.

Our Rags Supplies for Manufacturing Industry

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