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Hissenrags’ experience and connections with global brands enable our experts to recommend the right wiping rags from our stable inventory. For strong industrial wiping and polishing, our shop rags are made from purified cotton fibers, making them low-lint, non-abrasive, and capable of withstanding even strong solvents.

More than Quality Wiping Rags

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High Absorbency

All of our bulk mixed rags consist of 80% to 100% cotton materials that optimize absorbency while preserving superior cleaning quality.

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Low Lint Rags

To minimize any damages or scratches, we ensure there are no impurities on our shop rags and no lint left on the cleaning surface, thus making our products the right fit for cleaning manufacturing machinery.

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Varied Customized Options

To meet heavy demands from manufacturing facilities, we provide different customization plans for material, color, and other features that cater to your manufacturing needs.

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Professional Wiping Solutions

For years, we have provided optimized industrial cleaning rags for manufacturing applications like cleaning, polishing, and containment.

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Adequate Inventory

Having over 3,000 tons of inventory makes the fast lead time and punctual delivery to your factory and shop, reducing waiting time and accelerating your manufacturing tasks.

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Competitive Prices

Located in Guangzhou, our factory location ensures easy access to resources and ports for more affordable wholesale shop rags and faster shipping.


Cleaning Rags for Manufacturing Industry

Known for their durability and versatility, Hissenrags’ line of industrial cleaning rags is the preferred option for most brands in the manufacturing industry.

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Your Cleaning Rags Experts are Here to Help

Thirteen years of successful order fulfillment and hundreds of satisfied clients can never be wrong. We’re industry veterans that understand what the market needs and supply cleaning rags that meet your expectations. Make Hissenrags your preferred cleaning rag supplier today.


The versatility of our wholesale industrial rags allows for various industry applications.


Knowing what your market wants in cleaning rags ensures we provide tailor-fit solutions.

Cleaning Wiper

High absorbency and lint-free industrial rags make excellent cleaning tools for the manufacturing industry.


Modify your wholesale cleaning rag order to fit your budget and market demands.

How Wiping Rags Benefit Your Industry

Our industrial cleaning rags are versatile to support cleaning, polishing, and containment. By supplying your market with high-absorbing and reusable cleaning rags, your brand is effectively elevating the production standards in the manufacturing industry. Set the new standard and make a lasting impact with wiping rags from Hissenrags.

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