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Suitable for cleaning and marine maintenance, our recycled rags are durable, high absorbent and quick drying for hassle-free cleaning. With an adequate inventory of 3,000 tons through our efficient sorting and stable supply network, we can guarantee punctual delivery at competitive prices.

More than Quality Wiping Rags

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80%-100% Cotton

All of our mixed rags consist of 80% to 100% cotton materials that optimize the absorbency of our used rags while possessing a soft, clean surface.

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Punctual Delivery

Our combined advantage of stable supply of wholesale rags and good relationship with logistics companies can guarantee timely delivery.

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Varied Customized Options

We consider your region’s packaging, sizes, and bale weight requirements and ensure your rags comply with the needs and other standards specific to your marine applications.

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Professional Wiping Solutions

With our custom options and wide variety of supply sources, we can provide different wiping solutions fit for your industry and region.

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Adequate Inventory

As we have up to 3,000 tons of wholesale mixed rags within our warehouse, we guarantee you stable supply for marine facilities cleaning.

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Competitive Prices

Our stable inventory, advanced sorting process, and cooperation with leading shipping companies help to reduce the costs for your convenience


Cleaning Rags for Marine Industry

Whether for boat detailing, surface cleaning, or spill control, Hissenrag’s cleaning rags complement the vast demands of the marine market.

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Your Cleaning Rags Experts are Here to Help

Producing world-class wholesale cleaning rags since 2009, Hissenrags is your ideal partner in filling the industry’s demands for reliable rags. From swift lead times to sustaining large order volumes, rely on our expertise to elevate your business.


Multi-purpose cleaning rags fit various needs better than single-purpose variants.


We supply specific cleaning rags tailored to address the demands of the marine industry.

Cleaning Wiper

Our wholesale cleaning rags guarantee top cleaning capabilities that your market will enjoy.


Personalize each bale of cleaning rags to include the right amount of cleaning rags.

How Wiping Rags Benefit Your Industry

We’re not just your typical wholesale cleaning rag supplier– we’re deeply invested in your success. By allowing order customization and offering top-grade cleaning rags at wholesale prices, you’re able to fulfill your market’s demands while increasing profits. Our cleaning rags for marine are 80%-100% cotton and with high absorbency to support marine cleaning and maintenance.

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