Make Beautiful Painting Easier with Our Rags

We are your one-stop shop for all your painting needs with our large selection of disposable wipers and rags. Thanks to superior sorting and strict quality control, we find suitable materials that ensure faster, more precise cleaning while remaining usable for extended periods.

More than Quality Wiping Rags

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80%-100% Cotton

Along with a soft feel, the material of our recycled mixed rags possesses high absorbency and does not blend with any chemicals, preserving their quality for painting cleaning.

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Low Lint Rags

Through our strict inspections, we ensure the lack of lint on our rags for safe, dry cleaning that leaves no residue on sensitive surfaces.

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Varied Customized Options

Materials, sizes, and more can be fully customized to ensure our rags perform optimally in their painting and coating applications.

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Professional Materials Solutions

To ensure your rag selection attracts a wider audience, we recommend the right materials of wiping rags that clean any paint or coating thoroughly.

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Adequate Inventory

Up to 3,000 tons of bulk mixed rags are readily available for delivery to your premises, ensuring your business has a sustainable stock.

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Competitive Prices

Our wiping rags are available at competitive prices thanks to our mature supply chain and streamlined process that cut costs significantly.


Cleaning Rags for Painting & Coating Industry

Source your wholesale cleaning rags from the rag manufacturing experts today and get top-grade mixed rags with superior absorbency and staining capabilities.

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Painting & Coating×

Your Cleaning Rags Experts are Here to Help

With years of rag manufacturing expertise under our belts, we have a robust understanding of what the industry demands in their cleaning rags. Addressing this demand, we create top-grade cleaning rags tailored specifically with specific capabilities for maximum performance.


Get quality cleaning rags that can be used for a variety of tasks.


We create an assortment of wholesale cleaning rags catering directly to the painting market.

Cleaning Wiper

Our assortment of absorbent and lint-free cleaning rags leaves no stains or liquid behind.


Fill your custom rag bale with the right volume of cleaning rags.

How Wiping Rags Benefit Your Industry

Set your brand apart from your peers by offering world-class wholesale cleaning rags from Hissenrags. We make absorbent and reusable wiping rags that can be used to remove stains or excess material with ease. 

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