Empower Old Fabric With New Life with Our Rags

Proactively reducing waste and ensuring sustainable business, Hissenrags acquires used textile that can be made into new material for respun and fabrics processing factory. Our quality screening system ensures we acquire quality wholesale mixed rags from reliable suppliers for hassle-free, punctual delivery.

More than Quality Wiping Rags

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Quality Rags

From our reliable suppliers around Guangzhou, we provide a variety of quality mixed rags like denim rags, fleece rags, and more to be respun.

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Stable Supply

Having 70,000 collecting points ensures we maintain 3000 tons of daily processing capacity, resulting in bulk rags that come to your market on time and with no hassle.

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Competitive Customization

As our rags can be remade in fabrics processing factories, we customize our rags to comply with your color, size and other requirements, all at a lower cost.

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Professional Wiping Solutions

With our strong sourcing capabilities, we optimize our cleaning rags for various industries to meet your respun requirements.

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Adequate Inventory

To help ensure regular supply to our customers, we maintain a capacity of 3,000 tons of used cleaning rags ready for delivery anywhere.

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Competitive Prices

Thanks to our stable inventory and advantageous location, we bring our clean rags to you at affordable prices to help ease your business needs.


Cleaning Rags for Respun Industry

Manufactured from premium recycled materials, our assortment of cleaning rags complements well the concept of the respun industry.

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Your Cleaning Rags Experts are Here to Help

Hissenrags is a seasoned cleaning rags manufacturer with more than a decade of well-vetted production experience. Understanding both your needs and the market demands, we produce top-grade and affordable cleaning rags that will boost your brand.


All cleaning rags are produced based on your expressed market requirements.


Opting for versatility and functionality, our cleaning rags work in any industry application.

Cleaning Wiper

Our cleaning rags can work on any surface, thanks to their great absorbency and lint-free materials.


Compose every bale of wholesale cleaning rags just the way your market needs them.

How Wiping Rags Benefit Your Industry

We recycle solid mixed rags cloth for re-spinning, which benefits environmental protection and circular economy, reducing waste and environmental pollution. Start the next trend in the respun industry by offering reliable and versatile wiping rags from the industry leader Hissenrags. Our complete cleaning rag solutions cater to the diverse needs of your market at an affordable price.

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