Hissenrags’ mission is to turn all used and recycled materials from clothing, textiles, and fabrics into premium cleaning rags. These products bolster your profit margins by reducing costs while addressing their requirements.

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We envision an industry with zero waste where excess or used materials are given a second life as premium cleaning rags. Our vision is to empower textiles and clothing manufacturers by providing new markets for unused resources.

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Every order of high-grade mixed rags can bolster our client’s business, help the environment, and provide new life to discarded materials, resulting in a win-win scenario for everyone.


Expect mixed rags with optimized cleaning capabilities and bales with your specified weight, thanks to our strict QC system.



An industrial SOP policy is set within our factories for a streamlined workflow with up to 3,000 tons mixed rags daily, which results in a short lead time on all orders.


We uphold a sustainable business practice of utilizing used or recycled materials for our high-grade cleaning rags that decreases landfill space.


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