Quality Colored Rags for Nearly all Industries

Our bulk colored rags are extremely absorbent and possess a low lint and high stretch to better display their clearer colors. Taken from reliable suppliers, our rags come from bath robe materials and recycled color towels with similar properties that aid in general cleanup and other washing applications. Through our reliable sorting process, we offer different brands multiple options to choose.






Oil and grease clean-up, manufacturing, and containment

Customize Rags Right for Your Business & Industries

Materials >>
To accommodate different needs and customer preferences, we collect our colored rags out of a variety of colored fabrics and other textile materials that can be accustomed to any cleaning and business needs.
Colors >>
Through our vast supply of cotton and other materials, we can produce colored rags in different colors and color combinations, helping you diversify your selections.
Cutting >>
To comply with export requirements or lower costs, we recommend cutting the rags to a certain size when the packaging needed is less than 25kg in weight.
Bale Weight >>
To ensure easier packaging and transportation, we follow the prescribed single package weight of 1-100kg.
Packaging >>
For clean, organized packaging, we offer box, plastic or pallet packaging options, as well as custom labeling to display your brand on the packaging for your customers to see.
Loading >>
Meeting large volume orders, we can load 20 tons of rags in 20ft containers and can load up to 29 tons in 40ft containers.

Why Choose us

Sufficient Inventory for Your Ship

Through our stable supply chain, we maintain an inventory reaching 3,000 tons of wholesale used rags ready for rapid delivery, ensuring your stores are well-stocked at all times.


Quality Rags for Your Repurchase

Along with screening trustworthy suppliers among textile factories and recycling centers, we also guarantee that every colored rags possess excellent absorbency and zero damage to the fabric.

Complete Customization for Your Needs

From cloth sizes and packaging to bale weight and labeling, we consider your requirements throughout the process to ensure easy entry to your region.


Competitive Prices to Save

As we are based in Guangzhou, our prices are more competitive than our peers thanks to our direct line with leading textile factories and suppliers.


Fast Lead Time to Get

We meet quick lead times thanks to the teamwork of hundreds of seasoned workers that can sort through different colored rags and organize over 3,000 tons daily to be ready for shipping.

Stable Supply to Ease

Consistently filling our stock, we count on our mature supply chain and partner with textile factories to acquire a wide array of colored rags to meet growing demand.


Our Secret to Success

Our experts maintain efficient sorting, going through new raw materials and recycled rags. With our daily processing capacity reaching 3,000 tons, we meet high demand globally.

We commit to complying with fastidious quality standards within every step of processing and quality control to ensure your items are within your requirements.

To reduce quality issues, we have a strict standard operating procedure that requires constant inspection of raw materials and recycled rags, which helps us ensure timely shipping.

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