80%-100% Cotton in Our Bulk Cotton Rags

Hissenrags is a cotton rags manufacturer that offers cotton rags in bulk cut from recycled cotton materials, making them lightweight and producing minimal lint.


Bulk cotton cleaning rags come as flannel, jersey, bed sheeting, sweatshirt, and t-shirt fabrics, and more. Available in bleached and unbleached varieties, these cotton rags are perfect for light to medium-duty tasks that match the demands of the oil and gas, staining, and manufacturing industry.






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Custom Cotton Rags Bales for Your Business & Industry

Materials >>
Depending on the industry you’re catering to, you’ll need rags made from specific materials. From cotton, denim, and flannel fabrics, we have a fully-stocked inventory of high-quality cotton rags bulk to address your market demands.
Colors >>
Choose from our selection of cleaning rag colors that retain their shade even after multiple uses. Whether you need white rags or rags of various colors, you can get them under one roof.
Cutting >>
As a professional cotton rags supplier, we provide expert advice on whether or not to cut the rags according to the package weight.
Bale Weight >>
Whether you need custom cotton rags of less than 25 kilos or large orders of more than 100 kilos per bale, we can handle your wholesale rags order with relative ease
Packaging >>
To ensure that your cotton rags stay dry and compact during transit, we pack your orders in durable packaging and compression packaging. Additionally, we can provide custom packaging and labeling according to your needs.
Loading >>
Along with pallet loading, we have 20-ft containers that can load up to 20 tons and 40-ft containers that hold up to 29 tons of wholesale cotton rags.

Why Choose us

Sufficient Inventory for Your Ship

Over a thousand tons of cotton rags bulk in stock makes sure your orders are fulfilled faster and better than our peers.



Quality Rags for Your Repurchase

Materials that come in go through rigorous processing, taking out zippers, prints, and other metal parts that can hinder their performance. Cotton rags are made from 80%-100% cotton for maximum absorbency.

Complete Customization for Your Needs

Expansive customization options, from bale size, weight, packaging, labeling, and loading standards, help boost income generation and develop stronger branding.


Competitive Prices to Save

With our mixed rags factory strategically located for swift material sourcing in China, we can directly work with factories and recyclers to give you the best cotton rags price in the market.

Fast Lead Time to Get

Backing our processing capacity are hundreds of seasoned workers and a stable inventory, producing up to thousands tons of wholesale cotton rags daily.


Stable Supply to Ease

Maintaining a stable supply chain with cotton rags suppliers and clothing factories guarantees that we always have a well-stocked inventory of cotton rags bulk for your purchase.

Our Secret to Success

Supported by seasoned workers, our 10,000 sq.m. facility handles up to 3,000 tons of rags daily and ships around 10 containers weekly.

From supplier screening to meticulous processing and quality control, we abide by meticulous quality standards at every step of our production process.

Following a strict and streamlined production workflow allows us to produce cotton rags wholesale with high efficiency and zero mistakes.

Cotton Rags Bulk Buying Guide

What are Cotton Rags?

Cotton rag is typically a made from cotton and reused. Cotton rags are known for their strong absorbency and softness, making them suitable for various wiping tasks. They effectively clean surfaces, absorb liquids, and provide a smooth finish.

What are Cotton Rags Used for?

  • Cleaning and Maintenance: 
  • Excellent absorbency and lint-free, cotton rags are perfect for cleaning tasks in both household and industrial environments. They excel in wiping surfaces and cleaning spills.
  • Industrial and Automotive Settings: 
  • With high absorbency and non-abrasive properties, cotton rags are effective for tasks such as applying solvents, cleaning machinery, or wiping vehicles without leaving lint or scratches.
  • Absorbent Pads and Filters: 
  • Cotton rags are often transformed into absorbent pads for cleaning laboratory or workshop spills. Due to their exceptional absorbency, they are sometimes used to create liquid and air filters.
  • Surface Polishing and Finishing: 
  • Cotton rags are ideal for achieving a perfect surface finish, whether in woodworking, precision work, or even in the cosmetic industry for applying makeup.

Where do Cotton Rags come from?

used t-shirt

Bulk Cotton Rags from Preloved Clothing

Hissenrags utilizes discarded cotton clothing collected from the community or schools as raw materials. Through processing, these materials are transformed into high-quality cotton rags

Bulk Cotton Rags from Defective Products

When factories produce T-shirts or towels, there are inevitably some unsellable items. Textile factories sell these products to rag-producing factories like Hissenrags, which then manufacture them into cotton rags.

Are Cotton Rags Good Rags?

Cotton rags are suitable for a variety of cleaning and maintenance tasks. However, they may not be the optimal choice for every application. For example, in certain industrial environments, colored rags or T-shirt rags might be the preferred option. Cotton rags are well-suited for tasks such as dusting, polishing, and general cleaning. Therefore, whether cotton rags are considered “good” depends on the environment and the nature of the cleaning tasks.

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Key to Bring Quality Bulk Cotton Rags

Hissenrags ensures the delivery of high-quality bulk T-shirt rags by focusing on several key factors.

How to Order Bulk Cotton Rags?


Contact the Company

Visit our website and fill out your requirements for cotton rags along with your contact information (phone, email, WhatsApp, etc.).


Discuss Details

Our sales manager will contact you based on the provided contact information, offering product catalogs and more detail.


Get a Quote

Request a quote for bulk cotton rags, ensuring a clear understanding of any additional costs such as shipping or taxes.


Place an Order

Once satisfied with the products and the company, follow the provided ordering process. Provide accurate shipping and payment information.


Receive the Order

Upon receiving the cotton rags, inspect the goods carefully in terms of quantity and quality. Verify specifications, and record product batches, retain relevant documents.

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