We Sell Quality Denim Rags in Bulk

Denim rags have a high absorption rate, lint free and durable quality, making them suitable for cleaning oil and grease. The denim materials are cut from quality materials sourced directly from clothing and textile fabric plants.

Hissenrags offer a complete customization service on your denim rags, allowing you to choose the rag’s size and colors and the bale weight,packaging, and labeling of the order.






Oil and grease clean-up, production, machinery


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Customize Rags Right for Your Business & Industries

Materials >>
Denim materials with tough weaves make our denim rags suitable for manufacturing, automotive service, and industrial application.
Colors >>
The denim rags we offer come in navy blue, black, classic blue, and other colors to fulfill any business requirement.
Cutting >>
Hissenrags can cut your denim rags to achieve a specific size or weight of a single package that accomplishes your requirements.
Bale Weight >>
Demin rags orders are packed in bales that range from 1 – 100kg. We support customized bale weights for bales that weigh more than 100kg.
Packaging >>
Denim rages can be packaged in boxes, plastic, or pallet with customized labels to address transporting needs, packaging needs or branding requirements.
Loading >>
Hissenrags 20ft container can take up to 20 tons of denim rags, while our 40ft container can load around 25 to 29 tons of mixed rags. Either container option can fit your budget requirements.

Why Choose us

Sufficient Inventory for Your Ship

Hissenrags can replenish your inventory or help you enter new markets during peak periods thanks to more than 3,000 tons of rags in bulk ready to be shipped.



Quality Rags for Your Repurchase

Every denim rags we offer have superior absorbability and long service life due to our quality control process. Hissenrags have a strict screening procedure for our suppliers, and we have a QC system within our factory floor.

Complete Customization for Your Needs

Hissenrags comprehensive customization service can provide you with versatile denim rags that fit your needs. The service lets you choose the size, color, and more of your denim rags and the bundle’s bale weight and packaging.

Competitive Prices to Save

The prime location of our factory and close cooperation with factories and recyclers allow us to provide our denim rags at competitive prices.

Fast Lead Time to Get

Expect a short lead time on denim rags bulk orders through our streamlined processing speed of up to 3,000 tons of mixed rags daily.



Stable Supply to Ease

Even during peak seasons, we can complete volume orders of premium denim rags due to our large in-stock mixed rags and robust supply chain.

Tailored to All Your Business Needs

Whether for cleaning or polishing, our denim rags can do the challenging task perfectly with high absorbency and tear-resistance properties.
The sizes, packaging, and bale weight of our wholesale denim rags can be customized to fill your cleaning rags wholesale business.
Denim rag fabric is strong enough to be respun into new yarn for recycled fabric making.
Recutting & Processing
Mixed rags factories and cleaning rags companies can import our quality and large mixed rags for recutting and processing.

Our Secret to Success

Hissenrags has a strong production capacity where we can process up to 3,000 tons of denim rags per day. This production capability comes from more than hundreds of seasoned workers.

Our denim rags comply with international standards due to our strict quality control system and robust supply chain.

A strict processing workflow is implemented within our factories to ensure your denim rag orders are in excellent condition and do not contain any metal items, such as zippers.

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