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Hissenrags is a leading industrial rags supplier. The tailor-made industrial rags service includes custom sizes, bale weight, packaging, and logo. Due to their versatile applications, such as polishing, cleaning, and drying, we can fulfill market demand through our bespoke industrial rag services.

We offer cotton rags, towel rags, denim rags and absorbent lint-free rags for the heavy duty job in your shop. Our wholesale shop rags are durable, washable and cost-effective to get rid of grease, lubricant and grime with a quality industrial wipe.






Oil and grease cleanup, production, machinery

Customize Rags Right for Your Business & Industries

Materials >>
Your industrial rags can be formed from cotton, denim, or flannel fabrics. These materials are suitable for industrial applications such as finish or general cleaning.
Colors >>
Choose from a pure white or mixed color option for your industrial shop rags to achieve a branding goal or project requirement.
Cutting >>
Your rags can be cut or left intact while meeting a single packaging weight. We can also provide consultation on the optimized cut for your industrial rags according to the application and weight.
Bale Weight >>
The bale weight of your industrial rags can come in 1 – 100kg. If necessary, we offer customized bale weights if you need a bundle over 100kg.
Packaging >>
Our packaging service can come in boxes, plastic, or pallet, along with customized labeling, helping you bolster your branding strategy.
Loading >>
We can load up to 20 tons of industrial rag bale on our 20ft container or 25-29 tons of bale within our 40ft container. Hissenrags can also load your bale through pallets for efficient transportation and protection of your industrial rags.

Why Choose us

Sufficient Inventory for Your Ship

With more than 3,000 tons of wiping rags within our warehouse, we can immediately refill your inventory of industrial rags even during peak periods.


Quality Rags for Your Repurchase

We have a mature supply chain that provides us with quality fabrics and a dedicated team of workers who can meticulously sort all materials. We ensure all rags are made of 80%-100% cotton for optimized absorbency.

Complete Customization for Your Needs

We offer a comprehensive customization service on your industrial rags, including their bale weight, packaging, size, materials, color, loading procedure, and much more.


Competitive Prices to Save

By sourcing our fabrics from trusted factories and recycling stations, we can offer our industrial rags at advantageous prices that will bolster your ROI.


Fast Lead Time to Get

Hundreds of seasoned and dedicated workers within our workshop can process up to 3,000 tons of mixed rags daily. Hissenrags can complete all orders of industrial rags with a short lead time.

Stable Supply to Ease

The mature supply chain and fully stocked warehouse we possess ensure our capabilities to complete bulk orders of industrial rags during peak periods.


Our Secret to Success

We have a 10,000 sq.m factory space with more than 100 experienced workers who can process up to 3,000 tons of mixed rags daily and ship out ten containers full of industrial rags per week.

The quality system we set includes strict supplier screening, dedicated inspectors, and seasoned workers. Our focus on quality ensures all of our industrial rages comply with international standards.

Our workers follow a strict processing workflow for streamlined processing of industrial rags while ensuring less than 0.01% errors upon packing your orders in your custom bales.

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