Sufficient Bulk T-Shirt Rags Are Ready for Sale

Recycled T-shirt materials make for excellent wipers through their dye-free construction, enabling spotless cleaning for janitorial and manufacturing environments. Supplying bulk durable T-shirt rags also helps diversify your selections to the market and for specific cleaning.


Bulk T-shirt rags are available in your choice of color, bale weight, sizes, packaging, and more. Choosing the right wholesale used rags for your application can help save you time and cost.






Painting & coating, marine, and machinery

Customize T-Shirt Rags Bales for Your Business & Industries

Materials >>
As we acquire different kinds of t-shirts from our suppliers, we offer you a variety of material options, from cotton to denim and other fabrics.
Colors >>
As they are made from recycled t-shirts, our rags come in an assortment of colors, which we sort based on your market’s and cleaning color preferences.
Cutting >>
When the total order you have is less than 25kg per bale, you can opt to cut the rags into the appropriate size.
Bale Weight >>
We adjust to different regional requirements as a single package can weigh to more than 100kg while fitting as many T-shirt rags as you need.
Packaging >>
As we want to build up your brand recognition, we support compression packaging and labeling services that can protect your items while displaying your vision and creativity on the shelf.
Loading >>
For more convenient packing, we support pallet loading for transporting 20 and 40ft containers, enabling us to carry more orders at lower costs.

Why Choose Hissen T-Shirt Rags

Sufficient Inventory for Your Ship

We maintain our speedy delivery time thanks to our stable supply of over 3,000 tons of rags in bulk taken from different suppliers.



Quality Rags for Your Repurchase

We check our T-shirt rag material for its absorbency capabilities and pick out the zipper, printing, and metal accessories to make them into clean rags ready for constant reusability.

Complete Customization for Your Needs

We consider packaging, product sizes, and bale weight in every shipment. Through our full customization, we provide packaging and labeling that gives better brand recognition.


Competitive Prices to Save

As our factory falls is based in the largest mixed rags production area in China, we are directly connected with reliable factories and suppliers to give us lower prices

Fast Lead Time to Get

Hundreds of seasoned workers and efficient sorting facilities help us maintain a stable inventory, reaching the daily processing capacity of 3000 tons of wiping rags.

Stable Supply to Ease

Along with recycling plants, we also acquire our T-shirt material and T-shirt rags from textile factory to provide diverse choices for your market and more stable inventory.

Our Secret to Success

With a 10,000㎡ area, our daily processing can meet demands easily thanks to our efficient sorting facilities and seasoned workers helping us ship out around 10 containers of T-shirt rags weekly.

Whether in supplier screening or overall quality control, we comply with strict factory standards so that our T-shirt rags can easily reach any market or cleaning purpose without much hassle.

In our effort to reduce quality issues, we check our materials and T-shirt rags for any damage and ensure our facilities are at high efficiency to meet market demand.

T-Shirt Rags Bulk Buying Guide

What are T-Shirt Rags?

T-shirt rags are incredibly soft wiping rags with remarkable absorbency and lint-free properties. These T-shirt rags are made from recycled materials, typically cut from cotton T-shirts and knitwear.

What are T-Shirt Rags Used for?

Industrial Cleaning and wiping:
T-shirt rags can be used to clean industrial equipment and industrial processing lines. They are highly effective in removing dust, oil, and liquid stains.
Car washing:
T-shirt rags are used to wipe and polish the surfaces of cars to maintain a shiny appearance.
Workshop wiping:
In workshops, garages, or other maintenance and cleaning environments, T-shirt rags can be used to wipe tools, equipment, and machines while absorbing liquids and oil stains.
Packaging and padding:
T-shirt rags can be used as packaging material to cushion or wrap fragile items for added protection.


Where do T-Shirt Rags come from?

used t-shirt

Bulk T-Shirt Rags from Preloved Clothing

Sorting and processing pre-loved T-shirts that have reached the end of their usable life, turning them into usable T-shirt rags. Our textile recycling center receives old clothing, including T-shirts, and our specialists reprocess them into T-shirt rags.

Bulk T-Shirt Rags from Defective Products

Some T-shirt manufacturers and clothing companies may generate textile waste during the production process. These waste materials, rejects, or leftover materials can be reprocessed into T-shirt cloth.

Are T-Shirt Rags Good Rags?

As long as old T-shirts are made of pure cotton and are in good condition, without tears or loose threads, they make excellent cleaning cloths. However, if old T-shirts are not made of cotton or are in poor condition, they cannot be considered good cleaning rags.

Used cloth

Key to Bring Quality Bulk T-Shirt Rags

Hissenrags ensures the delivery of high-quality bulk T-shirt rags by focusing on several key factors.

How to Order Bulk T-Shirt Rags?


Contact Hissenrags

Visit our website, complete the "Get in Touch with Us" form with your name, contact, and procurement details. Our sales manager will contact you promptly.


Sales Representative Contact

Share your T-shirt rag needs with Hissenrags' sales manager. Specify quantity, types, size, material, and preferences for a tailored response to your purchase requirements


Request a Quote

You can inquire about a quote from Hissenrags based on the information you provided. Negotiate terms and any additional costs, such as shipping or taxes


Place an Order

Confirm your satisfaction with T-shirt rag quality, quote, and terms, then order from Hissen. Include agreed details: quantity, quality specs, payment, shipping, and delivery date


Inspection and Storage

When the bulk T-shirt rags arrive, inspect them to ensure they meet your quality expectations and have no defects. Upon receipt, store the T-shirt rags properly in a clean, dry place

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