High Absorbency Like the Brand New One

Most of our wholesale towel rags are reclaimed white terry towels, we provide your market with durable, extremely low-lint rags that remain in excellent condition. With these conditions checked in our processing, our towel rags become reusable in many cases. Bale weight, color, packaging can be fully customized to meet your cleaning and wholesale towel rags business.






Janitorial, automotive, and salon

Customize Rags Right for Your Business & Industries

Materials >>
With the diverse applications of towel rags, our mixed rags factory sorts different kinds of cleaning rags, such as denim, flannel fabrics, and cotton.
Colors >>
Our factory acquires multiple colors and mixed colored towel rags from a variety of suppliers, which gives your cleaning task or business a wide selection.
Cutting >>
To save on costs and maintain an organized appearance for your packaging, we can recommend cutting the wiping rags according to your needs.
Bale Weight >>
Whether 1kg or more than 100kg, we support a wide range of bale weights based on your regional requirements and guarantee that our towel rags can fit the packaging with fewer costs on your end.
Packaging >>
As we support compression packaging, we also make box, plastic, and pallet packaging available options for your brand.
Loading >>
As we can support pallet loading, we easily distribute the weight of our packaging into our loading containers to lower shipping costs.

Why Choose us

Sufficient Inventory for Your Ship

With over 3,000 tons of cleaning rags in stock, we are constantly prepared for rapid delivery to any region, helping your brand meet demands right away.

Quality Rags for Your Repurchase

In every step, we conduct thorough inspections on our towel rags for any damages and other quality issues while ensuring our suppliers are certified and comply with our strict standards.

Complete Customization for Your Needs

From packaging to labeling, we take every step of the process into consideration. Applying our experience with global brands, we follow different bale weights and loading procedures according to your needs.


Competitive Prices to Save

Through the stable supply offered by clothing factories in Guangzhou, China, we have access to towel rags at more advantageous prices, helping you profit more from our partnership.

Fast Lead Time to Get

With sufficient equipment and a constantly stable inventory, our seasoned workers meet the daily processing capacity of thousands tons of towel rags to meet high market demand.

Stable Supply to Ease

We maintain a stable supply thanks to our close collaboration with Guangzhou’s leading clothing and textile factories, which provide high-end towel rags in bulk.


Our Secret to Success

Led by seasoned workers, our factory can manage thorough daily processing of towel rags reaching 3,000 tons, which enables us to ship up to 10 containers weekly to any region.

Meeting high standards, our factory maintains high-end facilities and strict standards in our supplier screening, professional sorting process and consistent inspections so our products are of optimal quality before shipping.

A strict processing workflow distributes the workload of our professional team more efficiently to maintain highly effective sorting and ensure zero mistakes.


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