Quality Materials Matter for Bulk White Rags

Washable and reusable, our white rags bulk are made from premium recycled white cotton and are excellent for staining and cleaning surfaces. These white rags have high cotton content, making them the preferred choice for painting contractors.


Hissenrags collects materials from reliable factories and suppliers, ensuring we secure high-quality wholesale white rags with minimal stain and tear.






Janitorial, automotive, salon

Customize Rags Right for Your Business & Industries

Materials >>
We support white t-shirt rags, white sheeting rags, white shop rags, and white sweatshirt rags in bulk, conducting a strict inspection to guarantee the quality of each material.
Colors >>
While we mainly offer plain white rags, we also have a collection of white rags or mixed colors to complement your specific product demands.
Cutting >>
Having a deep understanding of the mixed rags industry, our expert team will provide professional advice on whether to cut the package or not depending on its bale weight.
Bale Weight >>
Hissenrags support a single package weight between 1 to 25 kilos, or with bales weighing more than 100 kilos per bale.
Packaging >>
For bespoke and secure order fulfillment, we offer compression packaging and labeling based on your needs. We also offer various packaging options, including boxes of white rags, plastic packaging, or pallet packaging of white rags.
Loading >>
Hissenrags has several in-house loading team and facilities for fast and safe shipments. Our 20-ft container can hold 20 tons, while our 40-ft container carries up to 29 tons. We also support pallet loading.

Why Choose us

Sufficient Inventory for Your Ship

Our inventory has 3,000 tons of mixed rags in stock at any time, allowing us to have a stable supply and rapidly complete orders for fast deliveries.


Quality Rags for Your Repurchase

All white rags are made with 80%-100% cotton materials for maximum absorbency. They are sourced from reliable suppliers and go through rigorous processing to remove zippers, prints, and metal parts.

Complete Customization for Your Needs

Personalize your white rags order by modifying the order’s size, bale weight, packaging, labeling, and loading standards to your specifications.


Competitive Prices to Save

As our manufacturing facility is located in a strategic location, we can directly work with factories and recyclers and get the most competitive white rags price.

Fast Lead Time to Get

With the combination of hundreds of seasoned workers and stable inventory, we’re able to have a daily processing capacity of 3,000 tons of white rags.

Stable Supply to Ease

Supported by sound supply chain​, we partner with renowned suppliers and clothing companies to secure clean and high-quality white rags bulk regularly.

Our Secret to Success

We partner with renowned suppliers and clothing companies to secure clean and high-quality white rags bulk regularly.

Our team practices world-class standards in quality control to deliver premium white rags for your market, including material sourcing, sorting, and processing.

With a streamlined production workflow, we can efficiently process large-volume custom white rags with utmost speed and zero errors.

White Rags Bulk Buying Guide

What are White Rags?

White rags are high-quality used cloths made of all-white fabric that is lint-free and colorfast. White rags effortlessly wipe away spills and stains, comparable to newer cleaning cloths on the market, and undergo a professional metal detection process. 

What are White Rags Used for?

Surface Cleaning: 

White cloths are commonly used for general surface cleaning in industrial environments. Their neutral color helps identify dirt or stains on surfaces.

Electronics Cleaning: 

In electronics manufacturing and repair, cleanliness is crucial. White cloths are used to wipe delicate components and surfaces without the risk of introducing colored fibers.

Painting and Dyeing: 

White cloths are often used in painting and dyeing applications where the color of the cloth may affect the final result. They are used for tasks like wiping surfaces before painting, applying stains, or cleaning paint spills.


Where do White Rags come from?

used t-shirt

Bulk White Rags from Preloved Clothing & Sheets

White rags are typically produced from recycled waste textiles including used clothing and bed sheets. Hissenrags recycles discarded white fabric items for cleaning and processing into reusable white rags

Bulk White Rags from Defective Products

In textile production, especially in industries like garment manufacturing, there is often leftover or scrap fabric. These unused fabric remnants, especially white ones, can be remade into white cloths.

Are White Rags Good Rags?

White rags are well-suited for many cleaning tasks where color transfer or residue could be an issue. However, the “goodness” of white rags depends on specific task requirements, material quality, and environmental considerations. In some industrial settings, colored rags may be preferred to indicate different cleaning tasks or avoid confusion, making the choice of rags that meet current cleaning or maintenance job requirements crucial.

Used cloth

Key to Bring Quality Bulk White Rags

Ensuring the quality of bulk white rags is crucial for their effectiveness in various cleaning and maintenance tasks. Key considerations when purchasing high-quality bulk white rags include

How to Order Bulk White Rags?


Contact the Company

Visit the Hissenrags website or contact us through official communication channels, providing necessary information about your specific requirements for bulk white rags. Include details such as quantity, preferred specifications, and any customization needs.


Detailed Discussion

Hissenrags' sales team will reach out to you based on the contact information you provide to discuss the specific details of your order, including product specifications, sizes, packaging options, and any other customization you may require


Request for Quotation

If you are satisfied with the product details and discussions, request an official quotation for the white rags. Understand and confirm that the quote includes all relevant costs.


Place an Order

After carefully reviewing the provided quote and ensuring it meets your expectations and requirements, proceed with the intent to order. Provide accurate shipping, billing, and any other required details to place the order


Delivery and Inspection

After the delivery of the bulk white rags order, carefully inspect the goods to ensure the quantity and quality meet your expectations. Verify specifications, record product batches, and retain relevant documentation.

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