Above the Industry Standard in Every Phase

You can see the differences between our mixed rags and the competition when used for cleaning, buffing, & drying. Hissenrags set the standard on mixed rags through our strict supplier screening and factory QC system. This method allows us to keep our mixed rags compliant with international standards on absorbability and durability.

Our materials are collected directly from clothing and textile fabric factories to ensure that our mixed rags have high absorbency and optimized resistance against stains and tearing.

Hundreds of seasoned workers in our factory can rapidly process cleaning rags by utilizing our industry-compliant SOP, resulting in a short lead time on all bulk mixed rag orders.

A strict QC system within our factories ensures that our materials do not contain any prints, zippers, buttons, or holes. Materials for our wholesale mixed rags come in full large sizes.

Hissenrags workers can deliver on professional packaging that properly box or wrap your orders with streamlined efficiency and zero mistakes.


Only the Premium Materials

80%-100% Cotton

All mixed rags consist of 80% to 100% cotton materials to ensure optimized absorbency and cleaning proficiency.

Reliable Suppliers

The mature supply chain we carefully nurture comprises screened and reliable suppliers who provide a steady supply of mixed rags.

Adequate Inventory

Hissenrags have up to 3,000 tons of mixed rags within our inventory that are ready to ship out when clients require them during peak periods.

Diverse Types

The materials we use on our mixed rags, including cotton, towel, flannel, denim, & cotton, can be used for various cleaning requirements.





Processing for the Best Rags

The streamlined processing within our factories involves three thorough inspections and sorting of materials to ensure consistency in the quality of our mixed rags.

Hissenrags workers have up to six years of experience, giving them the skills and knowledge to efficiently sort and process mixed rags.

An industrial processing workflow is implemented within our factories for streamlined processing of mixed rags for a short lead time on all orders.

Materials undergo three strict quality inspections and sorting to remove any materials that contain foreign objects or do not meet our standards.

Boom! Here Comes the Quality Rags

The Hissenrags classification system makes it easy for you to find wiping rags suitable for specific industries. Every mixed rag is classified according to its absorbency, lint content, and polishing qualities. The materials sourced from screened suppliers ensure reclaimed rags meet the three essential qualities.

Cotton Rags >>★★★★★★★
White Rags >>★★★★★★★★
Colored Rags >>★★★★★★
T-shirt Rags >>★★★★★★★★★
Towel Rags >>★★★★★★★★★★★
Industrial Rags >>★★★★★★
Flannel Rags >>★★★★★★★★★★★★
Denim Rags >>★★★★★★★★★
White Sheeting Rags★★★★★★★★★★

Make Your Rags Excellent from Inside Out


Skillful workers within our factories cut cleaning rags into specific sizes that address your business requirements.

Bale Weight

We can pack bales of mixed rags that ranges from 1kg, 5kg, 10kg, 25kg, to 100kg. Hissenrags also supports customized bale weights to ship your orders efficiently.

5kg bale weight
25kg bale
100kg bale weight

Your orders of cleaning rags can be packed in plastic bags, boxes, and pallet packaging. These options ensure the efficiency of transporting and storing your mixed rags.

Mix Rags

Customized labels and packaging are available for your mixed rags to address sales or storage requirements.

labeling 2

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