How the Excellent Cleaning Rags Come from

Hissenrags’ Guangzong facility practices a standardized process based on ISO9001 management systems, ensuring your custom wholesale mixed bags are up to global benchmarks. Our seasoned workers conduct excellent sorting according to your specific orders, going through three rounds of inspection for top-class wiping rags for your market. 

On Quality

Our selection of wholesale mixed rags is graded A and B, with expert sorters keenly segregating cleaning rags to the grade.


On Require

Per your specific requirements, we customize your mixed rags order with the right materials, colors, sizes, bale weight, and preferred packaging.

On Time

For highly-efficient order processing and punctual delivery within days, our warehouse has 3,000 tons of mixed rag materials in inventory from well-vetted suppliers.

Loading and unloading used cloth packaging

1. Collecting

Upon pickup from suppliers, we will visually inspect the raw materials and take out anything that seems spoiled, dirty, unwashed, or unrecyclable. We will conduct rigorous in coming material inspection when suppliers deliver materials in our mixed rags factory for the utmost quality.

Finished product sorting

2. Sorting

Once the materials arrive at our facility, the sorting team manually inspects each piece for further filtering. They are then separated by material and condition, with each grade placed on a specific container.

Cutting used cloth

3. Cutting

For the cutting process, our team begins the process by manually inspecting each piece. They are then cut and recycled by hand, producing wiping rags that fit your specific requirements.

Packing used cloth

4. Processing & Packaging

Seasoned quality control inspectors go through each plastic bag as the wiping rags proceed to the packing area. A small sample is taken from each bag for testing, ensuring they meet our standards for cleanliness. They are then weighed using industrial scales and compressed using airtight and eco-friendly squeeze packs.

Forklift loading packaging

5. Delivering

Pallets are securely stored in-house and prepared by our professional loading team to be loaded into the containers. Once loaded, we coordinate with our partner logistics companies for shipping while providing you an option to allow us to handle customs clearances for a smoother process.

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