In Fact, Your Success Relies on A Robust Supply Chain

A sound supply chain helps us maintain a stable inventory of diverse recyclable wiping rags of different styles and colors, which guarantee reduced costs and rags prices.

Through our supply chain, we are your one-stop source for quality-assured and more accessible wholesale used rags that can draw in wider audiences to count on your brand or address our cleaning needs to a new level.


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All Connections Matter

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We take reclaimed and recycled rags from different suppliers and sources to reduce waste and costs.

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To maintain consistent quality, we screen reliable raw materials and recycled mixed rags suppliers.

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After initial inspections, we process our mixed rags as we sort them, preventing tears, damages, and other quality issues ahead of time.

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To help us comply with requirements and ensure easier entry into regions, we partner with reliable freight forwarding companies with for ensuring timely shipping.

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Distribution / Consumption

We also sell our mixed rags worldwide through different retail stores, brands, industries, making green mixed rags easier to distribute and use.

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Thrift Stores & Recycle Centers

As waste cloth is consumed and used, eventually they will end up in landfills, recycling centers or thrift stores.

Lower Your Cost, Upscale Your Business

Our cleaning rag factory is located in Guangzhou, China, giving us easy access to low-cost, high quality wiping rags and a port for faster shipping. Because of our location, we have established relationships with recycling centers, cleaning rags suppliers, and a wider range of channels that give us flexible product choices.

Guangdong Industrial Cluster

Dongguan Port


Huizhou Port


guangzhou Port


Supply Chain is Half of the Success


Based in Guangzhou, China, Hissenrags takes advantage of the area’s large clothing transaction volume to ensure we maintain adequate raw materials for mass distribution.


With our location in Guangzhou, Hissenrags is in close proximity to the port for easy transportation and timely international shipping to your region.


For a diverse pool of wiping rag options, we acquire raw materials from various channels to help your brand be flexible in meeting different demands.

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