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Recycling used clothing or textile to process cleaning rags can empower discarded cloth with a second life, reducing environmental waste. Using quality mixed rags can help lower costs, boost your business and further do good for the planet. Hissenrags is committed to providing quality mixed rags and practicing sustainability in every phrase.

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How We Do

Hissenrags practices 3Rs in our business; reduce, reuse and recycle. We reduce the waste made by quick fashion, reuse used rags, and recycle discarded material to be remade into durable, reusable mixed rags.


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Recycled Rags

We collect mixed rags which remain useful and reusable for a long time to empower them second life. Using recycled and reclaimed rags reduces waste while minimizing costs as we make use of old material to form new, reusable products.


Green Production

Together with our efficient facilities and reliable supply chain, we recycle used rags to remake them into new products, which prevents waste accumulation. Our green production makes us a trustworthy mixed rags supplier, as we ensure environmental compliance and quality control at the same time.

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Thank You for Cleaning up the Mess

While Doing Good for a Better Planet

Thank you for cooperating with us to promote your production, cleaning and business, while focusing on environmental protection. We appreciate your efforts to promote healthy business practices that can encourage more businesses in maintaining carbon neutrality.

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